A secure and

  • Lightweight Pallet Truck Chock
  • Cost-effective solution to secure pallet trucks while in transit.
  • Moulded into a shell from durable recycled polyethylene it is efficient on most surfaces aided by a combination of 228 – 1mm x 1mm gripping spikes that dig into vehicle decks.
  • The chock also has 6 rubber suction feet on the base for added grip to stop it from sliding off a lorry.
  • The pallet chock is angled so to make it easy to pull the pallet truck up and into the V shape of the chock thus securing it.
  • Both wheels are able to be placed in the chock.
  • Avoids damage to people, goods in transit and vehicle bodywork.
  • The chock is light weight, weighing only 660 grams and is easily moved into position.
  • These Chocks meet the requirements of fleet Health and Safety Managers and will satisfy DVSA Vehicle Inspectors.

Safety note: No Chock can restrain a pallet truck under all conditions. We recommend that pallet trucks are also independently secured to the inside of the vehicle during vehicle movement for maximum safety. Chocks basically stop pallet trucks sliding about but they cannot be guaranteed to give full restraint during extreme driving conditions or in the event of a significant accident.

safe means of constraint for your on board pallet truck. Sticks nearly anywhere.

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