Following the success of the regular Mounty Head designed for the CP60  Edge Protector, GTF has expanded the range by launching the Mounty Head Major (M-HEAD-MR). This product is designed specifically to accommodate the CP800 Edge Protector which provides 800mm of protection for soft, uneven or abrasive top edges of pallets and allows single or multiple lashing. The M-HEAD-MR because of its design is also used to place our extra wide edge protectors, the 1.15m CP1150 and the CP2400LD which is 2.4m wide.

The Mounty Head Major (M-HEAD-MR) is used in conjunction with the Mounty Pole (M-POLE) to place CP800CP1150 and CP2400LD edge protectors onto vehicles from the ground without the need to clamber onto vehicles, working platforms or ladders. It therefore removes the risk of falling from heights and reduces the risk of slips or trips. Loading time is also significantly reduced.

In addition to placing CP800CP1150 and CP2400LD’s onto pallets and loads at height, the new Mounty Major features a triangular hole in the back plate useful for pulling down hooks that are out of reach. As with the regular Mounty Head, the Mounty Head Major has a special webbing placement cut out at the top to assist an operator place 50mm webbing accurately both onto the guide saddles moulded into corner protectors and to untangle straps.

Mounty Major is made from tough Nylon 6 material so it will not shatter should it fall down from height. GT Factors manufacturers the Mounty Head in the UK.

With such features as DVSA compliancy, meeting working at height legislation, speedier loading securement and at a fraction of the cost of loading platforms or ladders, the Mounty Major also saves lives and reduces injury exposure to the workforce and general public. These benefits mean lower chances of 3rd party claims for personal injury and goods or vehicle damage.

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