• The Mounty Broom (M-BROOM) is an attachment for the Mounty Pole.
  • The Mounty Broom fits on 90° to the Mounty Pole which can be extended right across the load bed of a truck.
  • It is used to clear dust and debris from a lorry bed thus ensuring minimum slippage of any load  subsequently placed onto the truck.
  • The Broom is used whilst the operator is safely standing on the ground and negates any need for him to climb onto the load bed.
  • The top edge of the Adaptor features a 50mm wide straight edge useful for dislodging stuck-on or hardened mud and other material from the bed.
  • This Mounty Broom features in the ever widening range of Mounty driver aid products.

Also in our range is the M-BOARDMOUNTM-FORKM-HEADM-HOOKM-HEAD-MRM-POLE , M-THROW and our range of Corner Protectors

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