he CP60 is a heavy duty pallet edge protector and is used to protect loads from damage. The CP60 has been designed with an open inner core or void so that it does not press on the edge of the load when being secured with strapping. The CP60 is therefore used extensively in the cardboard, paper and plasterboard industry where keeping the product safe from damage is paramount.

Made from Polypropylene the heavy duty corner protector has a ribbed construction thus allowing it to stand up to heavy usage. The CP60 is a heavy duty corner protector with a weight of 252grams, it has a top edge measuring 170mm and bottom edge of 130mm and is able to hold webbing up to a maximum width of 60mm.

To facilitate the placement of the corner protector we have developed the Mounty Applicator range of products. Placements of the edges can be made from the ground thus avoiding working at height using the Mounty Pole, thus stopping  the need to climb on to the lorry.

Material: Polypropylene
Width of webbing: 60mm
Dimensions: 145mm x 170mm x 130mm
Weight: 252 grams

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