The advantages of using the reverse action, Pull Down Ratchet Straps is that the Ergo Ratchet Buckle allows the load to be tensioned by pulling down on the handle of the ratchet buckle. This is the opposite to standard ratchets where you push the handle up to tighten the strap. The handle of the Ergonomic ratchet is much longer than a standard ratchet buckle and thus allows for a higher tension force to be achieved on to the load.

Not only do the Ergo Ratchets have a longer handle the hand grip on the handle also rotates allowing much easier use for the operator.
Colour options orange and blue
Lengths 2m | 3m | 4m | 5m | 6m | 7m | 8m | 9m | 10m | 12m | 14m | 15m | 16m | 20m | 25m | 30m

Our Ergo Lorry Straps are manufactured to the European Standard EN12195-2. The straps have a Lashing capacity of 2500Kgs (LC2500daN) and use 50mm polyester webbing.

The Fixed Ends and Adjustable Ends are marked with the manufacturers name, the lashing capacity, the strap length, the length of the strap, the manufactured date and the batch number for traceability.

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