Loads Solutions suspended knotless net solutions have been specifically designed to resolve various issues in relation to load security within the logistics sector, although designed for this sector, it can be transferrable to any situation where integrity of load security is a necessity.
Additionally, to ensuring that complaint load restraint can be achieved, our suspended systems are specifically designed to reduce the loss of ratchet straps, reduce H&S issues regarding working on vehicles, throwing of ratchets, and to improve the speed and integrity of the lashing procedure.
The small, suspended knotless net solution is ideal for small curtain sided vehicles and trailers – designed specifically for rigid vehicles but is transferable to any bed sizes of approximately 5m-8m in length.
The knotless net solution is ideal for all loads that are variable in size, are ununiformed and mixed in nature. The nets are made from a 50mm knotless nylon net, they are rot proof, fire retardant but are load tested and can be supplied in white or black. The lightweight and flexible nature of the net means it’s ideal for lashing both heavy and lightweight loads such as food stuff, bagged products and fragile goods – ideal for general haulage and trunking. Designed with a polyester webbing border and EN compliant ratchets that paired with the netting enables us to supplied and rated netting system.
It’s supplied 5no. 50mm knotless nets,@ dims 2.4m + 1 Cargo @ dims 3.6m with double bungee pickups to increase stability within the net. The net is designed to cover standard, euro and double pallets in a single and double load configuration. They are slightly oversized to allow the net to cover the entire surface of the top of the load but also wrap around the sides to increase containment of the load.
The net can be supplied in various colours and in 2T lashing ratings.

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